My name is Traian Balutescu and I am a creative head  with extensive expertise in branding, packaging, graphic design, UI, UX, illustration, concept art, 3D, working for more than 10 years now, for companies all over the world.

I'm passionate about shapes, colours and design ever since I can remember. Art has always been a constant presence in my life: being exposed to all its forms and experimenting its manifestations, and that made me who I am today.

Throughout the past 10 years I have put my passion for design in developing out of the ordinary concepts and projects, being followed by my creed that the design is that very point where functionality, aesthetics and visual art embrace business and usability.

With this creed I have developed hundreds of projects for clients in various industries (from Real Estate to food, from Pharma to cosmetics, from hard industry to fashion) from Romania up to Australia. In my design projects I try to combine traditional art with modern approach of branding (new technologies, new styles and new multimedia tools).

From my perspective the secret of success is always to remember that design is in its essence another form of art , and it requires a fair consideration.